How to Earn Free Flights Doing Everyday Things: Fuel, Telcos, and Cashback Programs

We spoke about earning air miles through credit cards last time. But did you know that you can also earn air miles through the most common things like fuel, mobile phone usage, and, literally, shopping?

I think these are the programs that not many people know of, unless you’re like me and are really doing everything you can to earn those miles! 🙂

Like the previous study, I used PAL Mabuhay Miles, CEB GetGo, and AirAsia Big in this one, for the same reasons.

NOTE: If you look at these three airline rewards programs, you’ll find that there are more hotel/travel partners where you can also earn miles by availing of their services. However, the aim of this study, like what the title says, is to help people earn air miles doing everyday things. I mean, ordinary people with day jobs like me don’t book/check-in at hotels or rent cars every day. And like what I said before, it really isn’t logical to do miles-earning activities for the sake of earning miles. I won’t book a Php5,000-room in return for a few hundred miles, when I can use that money to already get a roundtrip ticket to somewhere and more with that.

This is why I chose these 4 non-credit card rewards/cashback programs for my study. They are earned for things we do regularly like gas up our cars, use our mobile phones, and, well, eat out and shop. If you read on, I’ll tell you how you can earn miles twice by doing just one thing.

Also, another e-book can be downloaded at the end of this post with all the study’s details!


Petron Value Card BrochurePetron Value Card BrochureYou can get this card for free at pretty much any Petron station, just ask for it. You have to register it before you can earn points. It’s easy, just send an SMS according to the instructions on the brochure. If you don’t have a car, maybe you have a relative or a friend who has one and doesn’t have a Petron Value Card. Maybe you can get him/her one and share the points! :))

  • Pros: Can earn for all 3 airline miles programs
  • Cons: Highest peso-spend-to-miles requirement. To earn 1 value point, you need to spend Php250 on fuel or Php100 on other Petron products. 2 value points = 3 air miles (it’s the same for all three programs), so it comes out as Php167 per air mile. D:


I literally do not know anyone who doesn’t use a mobile phone (unless he/she is less than 5 years old). Even my grandmother who’s nearing 90 years old and lives in a remote area in the province uses one. So whether you’re on prepaid or postpaid, as long as you’re a Globe user, you’ll automatically get Globe rewards points. Text BAL to 4438 to check your balance.

Why no Sun or Smart? Sun isn’t accepted by any of the 3 (nor does it have a rewards program that I know of), and Smart, although partners with Mabuhay Miles, only has one for Smart Infinity users, which is an elite-level kind of user. We’re more for the common people here.

If you’re not a Globe user or want more rewards points, ask family and friends to share their points to you!

  • Pros: Lowest peso-to-mile conversion
  • Cons: Only earns for AirAsia Big


This is, from my knowledge and experience, the first cashback program in the Philippines. I’ve had a Zap account for the longest time, but I wasn’t sure about its level of usefulness so I didn’t bother asking for it when purchasing from partner establishments (you have to enter your phone number in or, if you have it, tap your zaptag on the terminal). Recently, a friend asked us to sign up because her shop started partnering with Zap, and I discovered that Zap points can now be converted to GetGo points!

How cashback works: Depending on the specified rate of the partner establishment, you get a certain percentage back on your account based on your purchase. So if you buy something worth Php100 and the establishment gives 5% back, then you get Php5 in your Zap wallet, which can later be used to purchase something else, or in our case, exchange for air miles!

So far, I’ve only used Zap when purchasing Happy Lemon, because that’s the only partner I know that’s nearby. Lol.

You can sign up for Zap here. You can download their app for android and iOs (but I’m not sure if these are updated).

  • Pros: At least for me, this cashback program is more useful because their partners are mostly food establishments, which I frequent more. I mean, I need to eat everyday, but I only need to buy new clothes like, once a year. It’d be better if we can Zap on food deliveries!
  • Cons: Partner establishments are ones I don’t really frequent, and not all branches of a particular store is included. Time to expand my horizons, I guess?


This is a new cashback program that focuses more on online shops like Lazada, Zalora, AliExpress, etc. To be truthful, I haven’t had the chance to use this program. It works the same way as Zap, but you can actually withdraw the cashback to your Paypal or bank account! When you’ve made a minimum of Php300.01 cashback points though.

I wish I knew about Shopback last December when I bought a ton of presents from Lazada. I don’t really do much online shopping, or any sort of shopping, besides grocery shopping.

You can sign up for Shopback here. So far, I haven’t seen any apps.

  • Pros: 2nd lowest PHP-spend-to-free-MNL-HK-flight; extensive list of partner online shops, some of which I actually do buy from!
  • Cons: Like I said, I don’t really do much shopping. But for those who regard shopping as air, this is perfect!


There are increasingly more ways to earn miles without exerting too much effort. It’s also free to sign up for all four of these programs. That’s pretty much all you have to do – sign up and present/input your card/details whenever you visit partner establishments. Of course, know the partners as well so you can do this.

Now, I said something about earning points twice with one activity. This is only for those who have credit cards though. If you use your credit card to pay for your fuel, phone bill, and other purchases, you’ll be able to earn points on your credit card AND these rewards programs! It’d make your saving for miles faster! So with a Php100 purchase on say, Happy Lemon at 5% cashback, I’d earn 5 rewards points on my Metrobank card, and Php5 cashback on Zap, which would earn me abut 2 GetGo points, I think? Yay!

Download the full pdf here: Lily Escapes Reality – Non-CC Rewards Points to Air Miles

If you know of other everyday miles-earning programs, please share it with everyone here! 😀

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