The Essentials of Packing Your Essentials

For my first ever post on this blog, let’s talk about PACKING – a necessary step on our quest to see the world! Or just go on an overnight trip somewhere.

Some people pack days, even weeks, ahead, and include almost the whole house in their luggage (i.e. my mother). Others, like me, probably like the adrenaline that comes with beating the buzzer, and so we pack mere hours before leaving for the airport. Packing the night before is already me being “prepared in advance”.

Either way, there are things we cannot leave out when going on a trip.

But before we go into that, here are 3 things to do BEFORE you even pack. You need to do this to know what to pack, so you don’t end up bringing unnecessary things. more “The Essentials of Packing Your Essentials”