How to Earn Free Flights Doing Everyday Things: Fuel, Telcos, and Cashback Programs

We spoke about earning air miles through credit cards last time. But did you know that you can also earn air miles through the most common things like fuel, mobile phone usage, and, literally, shopping?

I think these are the programs that not many people know of, unless you’re like me and are really doing everything you can to earn those miles! 🙂

Like the previous study, I used PAL Mabuhay Miles, CEB GetGo, and AirAsia Big in this one, for the same reasons.

NOTE: If you look at these three airline rewards programs, you’ll find that there are more hotel/travel partners where you can also earn miles by availing of their services. However, the aim of this study, like what the title says, is to help people earn air miles doing everyday things. I mean, ordinary people with day jobs like me don’t book/check-in at hotels or rent cars every day. And like what I said before, it really isn’t logical to do miles-earning activities for the sake of earning miles. I won’t book a Php5,000-room in return for a few hundred miles, when I can use that money to already get a roundtrip ticket to somewhere and more with that.

This is why I chose these 4 non-credit card rewards/cashback programs for my study. They are earned for things we do regularly like gas up our cars, use our mobile phones, and, well, eat out and shop. If you read on, I’ll tell you how you can earn miles twice by doing just one thing.

Also, another e-book can be downloaded at the end of this post with all the study’s details!
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