The Story Behind: Japan-Jeju Trip

It’s been a long time since I went on a leisure trip that lasted more than a week. I’m not sure if many would be able to relate, but I’m not comfortable with being away from work for longer than a week. I mean, I just know how much more paperwork will be piled on my desk with each day I’m away. Lol.

Anyway, I gave myself this “free pass” because I’d have to be grounded until around 3rd quarter of 2016, and the traveler in me kind of wanted to be out as much as I can, soak my pores with foreign air molecules, and have a lot of memories and stories to keep me sane until my next trip. This is how this trip came to fruition.

Originally, the plan was only Tokyo and Osaka. Actually, Osaka was priority because Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Hahaha. I’m just a big kid, really. But then I thought, since I’d already be there, why not check out Tokyo Disneyland and see Mt. Fuji as well? So there, an 8-day trip was born.

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